A school that enhances faith, academics, and team spirit.







Immaculate Conception School has provided excellence in Catholic education for Morris area students for 125 years.

This special faith community empowers its students to become life long learners and prepares them to be leaders and productive members of society.

I.C.S. students are prepared for life on Earth and for Life Everlasting.

“The children and the people I work with bring joy to my life … our school is
one big family spreading the Good News of Christ.” 

Former parent and current sixth grade teacher, Mrs. Janelle Aldrich

“The best thing about teaching at I.C.S. is the opportunity to build community.
We are a family who share joys and sadness, anxieties and prayers.  We live the Good News daily.”

 Mrs. Loreen Vlk Former student, parent and current seventh grade teacher

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If you wish to set up a recurring school donation, please go to the parish website (http://icmorris.org) and use the myEoffering Donate Button.

Your help in donating to ICS is truly appreciated. Donors may do so by contacting the school office.ICS also accepts donations with the link below.

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