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Families are asked to sell FootballMania tickets. For each $20 ticket sold, $10 is added to your fundraising requirement. $400 profit is required from the following 3 fundraisers: FootballMania, Scrip, and Market Day.

How does the FootballMania sweepstakes work?
People purchase a digital entertainment package, a selection of digital music and books that can be accessed online. With each sale you provide the buyer a free FootballMania ticket, and they are automatically entered into the sweepstakes. Participants use their ticket number to download music and books from the Charity Studio, an online entertainment library.

Sweepstakes Tickets
FootballMania sweepstakes are exciting and engaging for participants because each ticket holder has an equal chance of winning. Each FootballMania sweepstakes ticket contains 3 random teams in each week of the FootballMania season – a different set of teams each week. No two tickets have the same 3 teams in any given week.

Winning tickets are determined based on the points scored by the football teams assigned to it. If two tickets have the same score, the total yards gained by the 3 teams is used as a tiebreaker. The eight highest scoring cards
and the three lowest scoring cards each week win prize money!

Throughout the season, participants check their tickets to see if they’ve won prizes. Each week, the eight highest scoring cards and the three lowest scoring cards win prizes.

Each week CharityMania determines the winning tickets. ICS will send the prize money out to the winners with a personalized letter thanking them for their support.
Weekly Prize Money Amounts
Game card with the highest combined score $400
Second highest score $200
Third highest score $100
Runner Up: next 5 highest scoring $25
Lowest total score $50
Runner Up: next 2 lowest scoring $25
Total Prize money paid per week $925
Grand Prize Winners
Game card with the highest total $1,000
Game card with the lowest total $275
Total Grand Prize money paid $1,275
Odds of Winning
Win at least once during sweepstakes: 1 in 27
Each week: 1 in 451
Grand Prize: 1 in 2480

Updated August 25, 2017