Birthday Treats and Party Invitations

Parents are welcome to send birthday treats with their children. Please, however, make arrangements with the teacher beforehand. If you are having a party for your child and are inviting just some class members, please do not send out the invitations through the school.

Telephone and Cell Phones

Students are not allowed to use the phone without permission of either the principal, the secretary, or a faculty member. We discourage the use of the school phone and will allow it only in an emergency.

While students are allowed to bring cell phone to school, these should be turnedĀ off and kept in lockers during the school day. A student with a cell phone that is not in his/her locker during the day will have the phone taken away. It will be returned to the student’s parents. A student using a cell phone during the day without permission for either a call or text message will have the phone taken away and sent to the office. The phone will be returned to the parent.

Inclement Weather

When weather is such that school will be canceled, an announcement will be made over the local radio station (WCSJ-103.1FM) and sent through School Speak and School Messenger at the earliest possible time. If students must be sent home during the day, we’ll have an announcement beforehand through School Messenger. Announcements will also be sent through School Speak. We’ll use great care in sending small children home.

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Updated AugustĀ 28, 2019