Student lunch begins at 11:50 A.M. and ends at 12:30 P.M. Pupils eat in the St. Angela Room and will be supervised while eating and on the playground.

It is very helpful to those supervising lunch if students arrive at school with their lunch. If, however, you need to deliver a lunch to the school for your child, please leave it on the bench between the front doors. Please have your child’s name on it.

If a child does not have a lunch, one will be provided. The family will be billed at the current lunch rate. Hot lunches are offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday for students in grades K-8.  These are provided by Al’s Family Restaurant.  There is a $3.25 per day fee.  Lunch orders are paid in advance and payment deadlines must be observed.

Hamburger, pizza, sub, and spaghetti/pizza bread/pasta salad days are held at various times during the school year. Lunch envelopes are due in the office the Friday before the first Wednesday of each month. Late orders won’t be accepted.

Playground Rules

The following are unacceptable and won’t be tolerated:

  • No bats
  • No balls other than those provided
  • No snow throwing
  • No wrestling or fighting
  • No lifting one another
  • No climbing on another’s back
  • No sitting on a barricade
  • No taking another’s possessions
  • No climbing on snow hills
  • No tackle football
  • No gum
  • No food outside at the noon hour
  • No coming back in the building without permission
  • No playing in the church yard, neighbor’s yards, or the street with the exception of barricaded areas

For minor offenses, children may be made to stand against the building. For a major or repeated offenses, he/she may be sent to the principal or the office.


  • Food, except gum, will be permitted at the morning recess. Put all garbage, papers. etc. in the dumpster.
  • When a ball goes in the street, a child should signal the teacher’s attention before getting it. One person should retrieve it.
  • Students should line up by grades before entering the building. They should line up at the south door.
  • Freeze when the bell rings, line up quietly when the hand bell is rung.
  • Walk to line without loud talk.

*The teacher may use other forms of punishment at his/her discretion.

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Last updated September 14, 2018