Mission Statement

Immaculate Conception School – A Catholic school devoted to building a strong foundation in faith and academic excellence.

School Philosophy

The primary mission of Immaculate Conception School is to recognize each child as a unique creation of God. Through the hard work of faculty and staff, we are committed to advancing students’ spiritual, academic, and physical growth through a sound curriculum, parental cooperation, and the support of the community.

We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children, and we pledge our partnership with them. We will proclaim the doctrines of our Catholic faith and living traditions, not only as intellectual lessons, but as basic moral values for the foundations of a Christian way of life. We will teach so as to provide an atmosphere of trust and love, so that personal relationships and friendships can grow. We will pursue our teaching with an energetic commitment to Christian peace and justice reflected with professionalism as we develop the total curriculum and in turn the total person. Through our own examples, we hope to guide our children to develop a responsible circumstance of life with the attitude of Christ.

Our Catholic school does not exist for or by itself; we are part of the community of Immaculate Conception Church and the larger community of Morris. We are a servant school which seeks with courage to practice what we believe. We will worship with an awareness of the needs of those near us and throughout the world. We will feed the hungry, visit the sick and elderly, console the sad, encourage excellence, and advance academics.

We are united with the parents in our commitment to meet the challenges of sharing the faith which has been entrusted to us.

Parental Responsibility

If a parent has a question about something that took place or is taking place in their son or daughter’s class, the best route to travel is calmly consulting with the teacher. Please do this through the school phone or by e-mail. In most cases, things are cleared up by this process.

If this does not satisfy, the parent may then talk to the principal. If this still does not clear the matter or answer the question, the parent may ask to bring the problem before the School Board. An item may be placed on the School Board meeting agenda by giving it to the president 48 hours prior to the meeting. The board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 P.M. except in July and January.

If you have a question about something that pertains to the school in general, please feel free to contact the principal. 

Other important parental responsibilities include:

  1. General support of the school
  2. Attendance at Mass and reception of the sacraments as a family
  3. Home prayer and help in teaching the doctrines and practice of the Catholic faith to your family
  4. Attendance at Sacramental Program meetings and liturgies if you are a parent with children involved in this
  5. Prompt payment of tuition. Report cards may be held for families not arranging to pay tuition and fees.
  6. Support of the Parish and the school through generous Sunday contributions as per your ability to give
  7. Support of school fundraising programs
  8. Donation of your time and ability to benefit the school children wherever and whenever possible
  9. Making sure your child adheres to the dress code
  10. Attendance and support of the Parents’ Club and its activities. We are very dependent on their help and support. Since all parents are members, we urge you to join in the fun and activities they sponsor.

Brown Envelope

Brown envelopes containing important information are sent home monthly with the youngest child in the family in school. Parents should read the materials, take the appropriate action, and return it to the school as soon as possible. Families not returning the brown envelope by the 20th of the month will be called. Additional notes and reminders are sent home whenever necessary. Emails are sent weekly and as needed.


Bus service is provided to families living on District 54 and Saratoga bus routes by Morris Community Schools Transportation. Any further inquiries may be directed to the bus dispatcher at Saratoga School(815-416-1745).

If a student is going home on a different bus other than the one he/she normally rides, a note must be presented to the principal from both students’ parents. The principal will furnish the driver with the necessary form.

Children brought to school in the morning by their parents should be dropped off on the west side of the school, with the vehicle facing north. Parking is not allowed in the drop off section. Children should enter through the North Street door. Parents waiting for their children to be dismissed from school are to use the parking lot west of the school on the corner of North and Pine Streets, or they may park on Jackson Street. Bus riders going to Saratoga are required to ride the shuttle bus. Students may ride bikes to and from school at the discretion of their parents. Parents waiting to pick up students during class time should wait in their cars or in front of the office.

Field Trips

Students take field trips for the dual purpose of learning and enjoyment. When a pupil enters I.C.S., a parental authorization is signed by parents and put in the student’s folder. These are periodically updated. This authorizes permission to participate in any school activity. The attendance of the child at an event, therefore, assumes permission to participate. Parental authorization also authorizes the child or children to use the transportation furnished by the school. If parents do not want to have their child/children participate, we will withhold them from attending.

Parents will be notified concerning details of class trips involving their children. Many times, however, pupils are taken to a nursing home, Goodwill Park, or some other nearby place in conjunction with classroom activity. Permission for such short trips is assumed unless a parent states differently.

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Last Updated August 26, 2019