Dear Friends,

Immaculate Conception School has provided excellence in Catholic education for Morris area students for more than 115 years. This special faith community empowers its students to become life long learners and prepares them to be leaders and productive members of society.

I.C.S. students are prepared for life on Earth and for Life Everlasting.

During my years as I.C.S. principal, I’ve witnessed many success stories. The Catholic education at I.C.S. has always played an important role in the lives of the men and women in these stories.

Immaculate Conception School provides students with a safe, stable family atmosphere during their formative grade school years.

It is with great pleasure that we tell the story of Immaculate Conception School. The information contained in this website will give you a brief snapshot of what I.C.S. is about. Please feel free to contact me by phone (815)942-4111 or by e-mail if you wish to obtain further information.

May God bless you for your interest in Immaculate Conception School.

Kim DesLauriers

10 Best Things About ICS

  1. ICS provides a great Catholic education that enables students to know and appreciate their Catholic faith.
  2. ICS provides opportunities to pray and to participate in religious activities.
  3. ICS has weekly Friday Masses that promote participation by all students.
  4. ICS has great teachers who are skillful and promote a creative learning environment.
  5. ICS has small classes that allow for individual attention.
  6. ICS is a happy family and everyone knows each other.
  7. ICS has a strong academic program with required homework.
  8. ICS teachers challenge students to reach higher levels of learning.
  9. ICS has an outstanding technology program.
  10. ICS has many extracurricular programs that encourage participation by all students.


“Going to I.C.S. has defined who I am, and who I aspire to be.  It has taught me humility and kindness.”
Ali Van Pelt – Class of 2007

“I.C.S. taught me about the Good News of Jesus and that I should spread it.”
Kaylee Hare – Class of 2007

“I.C.S. taught me the values of being a better person and to respect others.”
Mike Henry – Class of 2004

“I.C.S. helped make high school the easiest four years of my education because the I.C.S. teaching faculty is very good.”
Kyle Balzer – Class of 2004

“I actually know something about math and English, unlike many of my peers in high school, so I was prepared.”
Sam Burich – Class of 2004

“I learned how to manage my time concerning school work.”
Kaitlin McArdle – Class of 2004

“I.C.S. prepared me extremely well for high school. I felt like I was a step ahead of the other kids.”
Angie McVey – Class of 2004

“I.C.S. did a wonderful job preparing me for high school. I felt so ahead of the other students in math and English especially. I thank all the staff of I.C.S. because without them, I probably wouldn’t be the student and person I am” today.
Lauren Mettille – Class of 2004

“My years at I.C.S. were ten of the best years of my life. I grew so much spiritually and academically. I had some of the best teachers and made lifelong friends. I.C.S. really prepared me for the future.”
Elyssa Paulson – Class of 2004