The Tenth Station


Jesus Is Stripped of His Garments

We adore You O’ Christ and We praise You … Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the World.

As Jesus reached the top of the hill where He was about to be crucified, He was stripped of His clothes. He was bleeding and it hurt even more when His clothes were yanked from His body. He was embarrassed and in pain. Nevertheless, He took it without complaining.

There are times in our lives when we’ve been embarrassed or have embarrassed others. When we are embarrassed, we must remember not to act our in anger or to call further attention to ourselves. Even more important, we should never embarrass or join others in embarrassing someone else. We should always treat others they way we want them to treat us.

Dear Lord, help us not to complain when someone has hurt us. Help us to love You above all else and to love our neighbors as ourselves.

Lord Jesus crucified … Have mercy on us.