The Fourth Station



Jesus Meet His Mother, Mary

We adore You O’ Christ and We praise You … Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the World.

As Jesus walked His painful walk, He saw His Mother standing in the crowd. She was very sad because her Son was in great pain. It hurt her to see people teasing Jesus and spitting at Him. She was too far away to speak to Him, but the look on her face showed her love for Him. Mary will always be there for Jesus and for us.

Our parents also love us very much and are always there for us. They work hard to buy us the things that we need. They are there to help us with our homework or to support us when we play sports or perform at recitals. They love their family and try to make family time very special. We need to think about all of the sacrifices that our parents make and about all that they do for us. We need to remember how much they love us and we need to thank them for all that they do .

Dear Lord, help us realize all that our parents do for us and all that they give up to make our lives better. Help us to appreciate how much they love us. Help us each day to thank them and to tell them that we love them.

Lord Jesus crucified … Have mercy on us.