The Seventh Station


Jesus Falls the Second Time

We adore You O’ Christ and We praise You … Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the World.

Jesus grew weaker under the weight of the Cross and He fell again. It was even more difficult for Him to begin again, but He knew what He must do. He used all His strength and slowly got up and started walking again.

There are times in our lives when we are afraid to do something because we know there is a chance that we may fail or that someone may laugh at us. We need to remember that we will never hit a home run if we are afraid to strike out. We become better only by working hard and trying to do good things. Our school work may be difficult, especially when we are learning new things. We must not be afraid to work hard and to do our best even when others do better than we do.

Dear Lord, give us the strength to not be afraid to fail. Help us to follow Jesus example and to do what we must do even if it’s difficult. Give us the courage to always do our best.

Lord Jesus crucified … Have mercy on us.