The Eighth Station


Jesus Speaks to the Women and Children

We adore You O’ Christ and We praise You … Because by Your Holy Cross, You have redeemed the World.

Many women and children cried when they saw Jesus walking His long and painful walk. They were sad when they saw His torn clothes and when they heard people say and do mean things to Him. Jesus comforted the women and children by telling them not to cry for Him but to pray for themselves and their children. Jesus cares about all people regardless of who they are or how much money they have. He is always there to comfort everyone in their time of need.

No matter how much Jesus was suffering, He took time to notice that others were hurting too. There are times in our life when members of our family or some of our classmates may be suffering or disappointed. They may feel sick, lonely, or rejected. Their misfortune is an opportunity for us to show leadership and give them comfort even though we too may be having problems of our own.

Dear Lord, help us to be sensitive to the needs of others. Please give us the ability to not only see when others are hurting, but to have the courage to do something to make them feel better.

Lord Jesus crucified … Have mercy on us.